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What is hash

Hashish or hash for short is one of the oldest concentrates now available. It is thought to have started around AD 900, however some argue that it predates written documentation.

Hashish is now available in a variety of forms, including handcrafted charas, bubble hash, Moroccan hash, and many others.

But what is it about hash that makes it such a popular product? Is it superior to other cannabis concentrates, and what other kinds of hash can you find on the market and try?

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What is Hashish?

Where does hash originally come from

Hashish aka hash, is a form of cannabis produced by collecting cannabis trichomes (kief) and compressing them into bricks.

As we touched on briefly, hash is made by agitating cannabis plants in order to harvest “kief” or the dried resin found on cannabis plants and concentrating it into one solid mass.

Hash was being manufactured and improved to generate a high-quality product long before other cannabis concentrates and extracts were invented. To extract the trichomes from the plant material, sophisticated methods such as fine mesh, silk textiles, or even freezing water are used.

These various procedures have an impact on the final product’s appearance and flavor, but more on that later.

Let’s describe the differences between hash and cannabis and other concentrates so you have a better understanding of what it is.

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Hash vs Weed vs Cannabis Concentrates

Hash vs Weed

Both weed and hash come from marijuana. What differentiates them is the product being consumed.

Weed is dried cannabis flowers of the female cannabis plant. On the other hand, hashish is a concentrate derived from the resin of said cannabis flowers.

These two products vary in type, potency, quality, as well as flavours and effects.

Hashish vs Cannabis Concentrates

Hashish is not as potent as many other types of concentrates, yet it deserves recognition for its unique aroma, taste, and historical significance.

For instance, hashish is known for its complex, rich, and spicy flavour and aroma. While milder in potency, hash still delivers strong effects that can range from strain to strain.

Finally, the production method used allows producers to create hash without using any solvents, unlike with many other types of cannabis concentrates.

How is Hashish Made?

Different types of hash

Production methods used to make hashish have been around for centuries, with modern-day improvements only enhancing and improving the process.

Even Nevertheless, different techniques of producing hashish result in distinct forms of hash. The most popular versions available now are listed below.

Dry Sift/ Dry Sieve Hash

The most common and one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to make is dry sift hash. Also known as dry sieve or dry sift hash, this type of hashish is made by filtering cannabis buds on fine-mesh screens and applying heat and pressure to the sifted trichomes to form hashish. This process is prominent in Moroccan, Afghan and Nepalese hash.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is produced through a more modern production process. It involves using ice water, bubble bags and cannabis flower. To make this type of hash, bags of cannabis flower are added to ice water and agitated to extract and collect the kief, which is later compacted.

Bubble hash tends to deliver a cleaner, purer taste than other types of hash. However, its flavour is said to be weaker and less intense due to how it’s made.

Hand Rubbed Hash

Also known as charas, hand-rubbed hash is the oldest form of hashish available today. This method is no longer widely used due to easier techniques being available, but its popularity and cultural significance still hold a lot of weight.

To make this hash, all you have to do is rub your hands together between some cannabis plants. As you handle the cannabis, kief, resin, and other cannabis compounds will slowly collect on the palm’s surface. This residue is later scraped off the hands with a dull knife and then rolled into a ball to be smoked.

Now that you know the most popular variations of hash available to you let’s learn how to use them!

Hashish usage

How do you smoke hash

Hashish is a highly adaptable cannabis concentrate that can be used in a wide range of applications. You can smoke it, vaporize and even add it to your food…

Are you unsure how to put it to use? Here are a few of the most popular techniques of ingestion!


The oldest and most common way of consuming hashish involves smoking it. You can combine hashish with cannabis flower and pack it into a pipe or bong (water pipe) or roll it into joints.

From there, just light your hashish, inhale and enjoy.


Another popular method for consuming hashish is by vaping it. This method is considered healthier than smoking since it does not involve combustion and does not produce tar and carcinogens.

To vape your hash, you will need a vaporizer that can handle hashish. To vape hash, all you need to do is break it into smaller pieces, pack the bowl, press the button and vape away!

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While dabbing is reserved mostly for cannabis concentrates such as shatter and wax, you can also dab hashish if you’re patient enough.

To dab hashish, your dab nail needs to be heated to a lower temperature than the one you would typically use for actual dabs. From there, just pack your rig and dab away! A lower temperature reduces the chances of your hash combusting and allows you to experience its full bouquet of flavours.

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You’ve reached the end! Now, you should have a solid understanding of hashish, how it’s made and various ways of using it.

Hashish is made from “kief,” or the dried resin of the cannabis plant, as we discovered today. To remove these trichomes from the cannabis plant, several procedures and processes are used, but the ultimate result is the same – a compact mass of kief.

Hashish is readily available in numerous dispensaries today, including our online dispensary. Give hash a shot, and if you have any questions regarding it or its various forms, don’t hesitate to contact us! POTENT PEAK will be delighted to assist you.

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