What is a Thai Stick? Definition & Information

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A Thai stick is an old type of cannabis “cigar” that originated in Thailand and became popular in the United States in the 1970s. A Thai stick is made up of cured flower skewered on a bamboo stick and covered in fan leaves before being knotted together with hemp rope.

The luxury blunt or cannabis cigar has become a more prevalent dispensary item in legal zones in the modern age of cannabis legalization and product innovation. The Thai stick, on the other hand, is an ancient forerunner to the current canna-cigar, and its basic design hasn’t changed much since its creation.

The construction of a Thai stick is, at its core, fairly simple and straightforward, though the smoking experience it provides may contrast significantly with that of a traditional joint or blunt.

Most cannabis users will be familiar with the essential elements — long stocks of cured cannabis colas skewered or pressed around a bamboo stick, then wrapped in fan leaves. The Thai stick may also possibly be dipped in concentrate and/or sprinkled with kief. When the bamboo stick at the center is removed for smoking, the remaining hole in the center allows for sufficient airflow to properly burn the pressed flower, oil, and leaf wrap.

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History of Thai sticks

Thai Sticks are a centuries-old creation of the hill tribes of northeast Thailand, while the exact date of their creation is uncertain. The Thai stick didn’t make its way to the United States until the 1960s and 1970s, when American surfers and Vietnam War veterans began traveling to Thailand and smuggling Thai sticks (perhaps laced with opium) into the country.

Thai sticks were smuggled into the United States through a supply chain that fizzled out in the 1980s, and it wasn’t until the current legalization boom that these old canna-cigars made a comeback. The present Thai stick trend can be traced back to a mysterious cannabis connoisseur known as afgoo head on Instagram, according to most online sources.

Afgoo head is credited with being the first to modernize the Thai stick method by creating a line of cannabis cigars that followed the same design. His modern Thai sticks drew the attention of other aspiring cannabis cigar makers, like Artisan Kanna Cigars co-founders Roger Hinkley and Nathan Zeeb, who reworked the Thai stick concept to create modern canna-cigars for the modern cannabis enthusiast.

How to make Thai sticks

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Making a Thai stick is a very easy process, albeit it does need a significant amount of labor and hand-eye coordination. You’ll need flower, a bamboo stick or chopstick, another small stick, cannabis oil or concentrate, parchment paper, a refrigerator, a stove, hemp string, and fan leaves for rolling to construct a Thai stick.

To begin, smear your bamboo or chopstick in hash and wrap your bud around it, then secure it with hemp rope. To maximize airflow for the finished product, be sure to use the fluffiest buds available. Wrap your stick in parchment paper and place it in the refrigerator for a few days once you’ve tied both ends.

Unwrap the hemp rope from your stick after a few days. The aim is to detach the string from the stick while keeping the crushed bud intact. Then, using hash oil, anoint the stick and wrap it with washed fan leaves. Coat and wrap the pole two more times for a total of three layers of leaves.

Once you’ve finished your leaf wrapping, rewrap the Thai stick in parchment paper and briefly heat it in a pan on a low temperature for a few seconds. This will allow the oil to saturate the whole stick by melting through all of the layers. Remove the parchment paper and re-wrap the Thai stick in hemp rope, then place it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Traditionally, Thai sticks are also buried to cure for up to three months. Once you’ve finished wrapping the leaves, you may also want to add an outer coating of oil or concentrate, as well as a coating of kief.

How to smoke a Thai stick

Thai sticks and canna-cigars may burn as slow as a quarter-inch per hour. They should be smoked in a similar fashion to a cigar, only with more inhale once the end is sufficiently lit. Using a torch may provide the optimal lighting, though Thai sticks can also be lit with a lighter or hempwick. Once the entire end is glowing red, you can start to inhale. Don’t inhale while lighting because you’ll essentially be inhaling the flame through the hole in the middle.

Modern Thai sticks

What makes a traditional Thai stick different from a modern-day canna-cigar? In a nutshell, not much. You’re probably looking at a Thai stick if you’ve seen them in a dispensary and seen them labeled as cannabis cigars, canna-cigars, or cannabis caviar. Rather of using opium to coat the Thai stick, as the original designers may have done, most modern Thai stick producers use high-quality concentrates and/or kief to coat the cigar.

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