Purple Kush Marijuana Strain – Information and Guide

Purple Kush Marijuana Strain

Since its release in 2018, the Purple Kush cannabis strain has been flying off the shelves.

If you’re curious about why this indica strain is so popular, we’ve compiled a timeline of the strain’s history, as well as its appearance and effects, so you can learn more about this potent high.

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The History of Purple Kush

The History of Purple Kush

Purple Kush has an amazing genetic ancestry, with father and grandparent landrace strains from the Hindu and Afghani mountains, notably Hindu and Afghani Kush.

These are some of the world’s oldest cannabis strains, with their founding culture’s people using them for centuries.

Landrace refers to the world’s first cannabis strains, of which there are just a few and which are usually uncommon in North America. Purple Kush and other strains like it were bred for this reason. Hybrids have strong landrace DNA, as well as other hybrid breeds.

Kush is an indica. This is commonly used to treat pain and sleeplessness. There is a myth that Purple Kush would put you in a bad mood, however it actually works to lift your spirits!

Purple Kush was developed specifically for this purpose in the Oakland area of California, and it is a fan favorite, despite an unintentional “copycat” problem among amateur growers.

Many individuals assume that every plant with rich purple colours is inevitably purple weed because they are not provided the name of the seeds they receive. While the name matches the plant’s appearance, this is a regular occurrence in many other strains. It’s a result of the light exposure and the nutrients used.

What is Purple Kush Good For? All About its Effects

Purple Kush is a THC-rich indica that can help with both mental and neurological issues as well as pain.

Low THC levels and a low average CBD level of 1% contribute to stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness relief. Without truly blowing your head off, mellowing out the body and mind at the same time.

Because of the long-lasting euphoria offered by Purple Kush’s THC:CBD ratio, depression is a common condition.

Purple Kush is well-known for being a tranquil and euphoria-inducing strain. It provides a strong cerebral and physical high, with a rush of euphoria and irrepressible relaxation.

What Does Purple Kush Taste Like?

What Does Purple Kush Taste Like?

Purple Kush has the refined aroma and flavor of that herbal, spicy, pine strain that we can’t get enough of, thanks to its nearly royal-like roots. You could nearly fool your mother into thinking it’s a wonderful potpourri.

This strain can have a mildly sweet aroma and flavor, similar to a mild candy from a pine tree, depending on the nutrients you utilize in your grow.

How Long Does it Last For?

Despite the fact that this strain’s THC levels are on the lower end of what we’ve seen recently, it doesn’t back down. As a landrace-cross indica, a small amount of this lovely strain goes a long way.

Your session will also be lengthy, so save it until the end of the day to get acquainted with this strain. One of the most commonly reported side effects of Purple Kush is long-lasting euphoria, which is one of the reasons it is so effective in treating depression.

Final Thoughts

As previously said, Purple Kush is frequently misrepresented by another purple-hued strain, so double-check your sources and theirs! Because Purple Kush is such a popular and in-demand strain, many growers and dispensaries cultivate and sell it, so finding it shouldn’t be too tough.

Enjoy this fantastic honorary landrace strain, and don’t forget to share it with your friends. At Potent Peak, you can see it.

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