OG – What Does It Mean? Top 5 Best OG Strains

What Does OG Mean?

Even when it comes to your flower, cannabis culture is broad and diverse, and language is a wild and complex giant!

Furthermore, as the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana spreads throughout places such as Canada, a few select states in the United States, and other countries, the cannabis slang library is becoming increasingly complex.

Don’t worry if you’re perplexed or if this sudden realization has blown your mind.

We’re here to clear the air – literally and figuratively – and help you unearth the various tales behind what OG stands for, so you’ll be ready to talk game in any situation.

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What Does OG Mean?

What Does OG Mean?

As we said, the definition of what OG stands for in cannabis culture may differ based on who you ask. However, some examples are more popular than others.

Below, we’ll outline three of the potential answers when addressing the question, “what does OG mean?”

Ocean Grown

One explanation concerning the origins of the name OG originates in Northern California, where it was thought to be an abbreviation for “ocean grown.”

According to the legend, a cannabis grower operating on the coast of Northern California had mastered the art of cultivating Afghani Kush.

He eventually ran upon a fellow toker, and the two struck up a conversation. It’s important to note at this point that this fellow blazer has no idea what the grower does for a living.

After a short while, this new cannabis companion pulled out a bag of their own pot and offered to pack a bowl.

The cultivator – who had not mentioned his occupation – took a sight and a sniff of the buds as soon as they opened the package and recognized immediately that it was weed he had cultivated.

The individual then went on to say of his own stash that he could tell it was mountain grown by the scent of it.

The farmer, on the other hand, who should have known better, answered something to the effect of “Nope.” That’s the weed that grows in the ocean.” The phrase caught on and has since been a standard identifier among cultivators and tokers throughout coastal California.

Original Gangster

Another popular origin theory for answering the question “what does OG mean?” is that it stands for “original gangster,” or occasionally “old-school gangster.”

If we want to prove this theory, we’ll have to travel back to Los Angeles in the late 1980s and early 1990s and immerse ourselves in the thriving hip-hop scene.

Of course, with renowned MCs like Ice Cube, NWA, and Dr. Dre dominating the scene, this was a period of monumental significance for the music genre.

The term OG skyrocketed in popularity following rap icon Ice-T’s album aptly titled Original Gangster in 1991.

It was just a matter of time before the expression made its way into Southern California’s hip-hop culture, and then across the country.

The phrase was eventually added to the name of the kush grown by growers in the San Fernando Valley.

According to some accounts, this was the crew of the hip hop group Cypress Hill. DNA Genetics, an Amsterdam-based seed firm that generated the strain’s seeds, supports this notion.


While the ocean-grown and O.G. original gangster theories have the most support backing them, they aren’t the only premises when it comes to conversations surrounding potential OG meanings.

Another possible reference involves the internet, media and conspiracy.

In one idea, OG refers to the initials of OverGrow.com, a website that provided cannabis production guidance as well as a seed-swapping platform that campaigned for the government to “overgrow.”

The website was built during the internet’s heyday in the 1990s, when it was becoming a more widely accessible and used resource.

OverGrown.com, which launched in 1999, was one of the earliest internet communities for marijuana producers at the time.

However, in 2006, Canadian authorities shut down the site, seizing its servers and detaining several of its owners.

Some users also argue that OverGrown.com is the inspiration behind the ‘OG’ in OG Kush.

Popular OG Strains

Specifically, in the context of strains, the abbreviation OG is a reference to OG Kush. Similar to the initiations that make up its name, the precise lineage of OG Kush is a point of passionate debate, particularly between two regions of California.

According to Northern Californians, OG Kush is a descendant of Afghani Kush seeds smuggled into the United States and grown on the Lost Coast. Those in SoCal (Southern California) claim that OG Kush is a hybrid of the landrace strains Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush produced and popularized by indoor producers in the San Fernando Valley.

Whatever the case may be, OG Kush has dominated the cannabis market for nearly three decades, producing hundreds of hybrids and offspring kinds as a result of breeders combining its extremely desired features with those of other lineages.

So, now that we’ve got a brief history lesson on cannabis, let’s look at how OG has influenced the development of some of the most well-known strains currently available on the market.

OG Kush

OG Kush

Of course, whenever discussing the origins of OG and its potential meanings, you would be remiss if you didn’t mention the all-star, OG Kush. This strain has an incredibly loyal fanbase who adore it for its ability to eliminate stress with its nearly mind blowing euphoria.

OG Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid. So, novice tokers, you’ve been warned! OG Kush is not for the faint of heart. The buds give off a fresh scent of pine, earth and spices with a tangy lemon, pine and woody flavour.

Rockstar OG

Rockstar OG

Rockstar OG lives as loud as its name implies. This indica-dominant hybrid is the celebrity love child of Rockstar and OG Kush. Make no mistake about it. While its THC levels are around 15-17%, this strain is unexpected in that it’ll knock even the most seasoned tokers off their feet!

Rockstar OG has a bold and earthy scent with light hints of spice and grape. Many users appreciate it for its classic-tasting nature. This bud has skunky and pungent smoke that provides a nostalgic flavour.

Darth Vader OG

Darth Vader OG

The force is strong with this one! Darth Vader OG is an infamously potent indica powerhouse with undetermined origins. Much like its namesake, this strain carries a heavy presence due to an incredibly high THC concentration that approaches 25%.

Its aroma is a pungent yet sweet mixture of grapes, earth, and some aromatic spice. It combines these and additional blends of different flavours into one cohesive smoking experience that is sure to take you beyond sky high and into space!

Tuna OG

Tuna OG

Tuna OG is a balanced hybrid cross of OG Kush and Black Tuna. It’s well-known for its robust potency and strong one-two punch to the body and mind, making it ideal for seasoned tokers.

One of the most notable features of Tuna OG is its diverse terpene profile, which gives it an overwhelming skunk aroma with intermittent floral and earthy notes.

Ace Killer OG

Ace Killer OG

Ace Killer OG is a hybrid in the true sense of the world. This strain has four parent strains that beautifully combine and synergistically work together to produce an extremely potent, indica-dominant strain that will take you so sky-high, you’ll exit the stratosphere!

Its scent is powerful, to say the least. Ace Killer OG has a strong aroma of spice and pungent diesel. When burnt, this chemical scent is replaced with a pleasant woody pine flavour. It has a pleasing, rich earthy aftertaste on the exhale that is sure to delight your senses!

The Meaning of ‘OG’ – There’s No One Answer

Whether you think it means for original gangster, ocean-grown, overgrown, or something else entirely, the acronym OG has been used in cannabis culture to represent qualities, status, rebellion, and more since at least the 1990s.

Whatever meaning you pick, this term is used to identify premium, dank cannabis strains on a number of distinct strains. As a result, if a strain’s name includes the word “OG” you’re probably in for a tremendous treat.