Moroccan Hash – How To Making Hashish in North Africa

Moroccan Hash

If you’ve heard of Morocco, you’re probably aware that country produces some of the world’s best hash – Moroccan hash.

Since the sixteenth century, when Moroccans started growing cannabis for their own delight, this cannabis concentrate has been savored in Morocco, the hashish Mecca.

Many years have passed since then, but one thing has stayed constant: Moroccans’ passion and drive to produce one of the world’s best hash.

Interested in learning more about Moroccan hash and what makes it unique? Continue reading to see why you should try this high-quality product.

Let’s get started!

What is Moroccan Hash?

What is Moroccan Hash?

Moroccan hash is a cannabis concentrate made from kief.

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, kief refers to the collected trichomes, or resin glands, which contain terpenes and cannabinoids that are only found in the cannabis plant.

That means you’re getting a highly potent product chock-full of cannabinoids and tasty terpenes that can get you high (yeah, we know what you’re looking for) while also providing a lovely brain buzz.

Let’s dig into a little history lesson to better comprehend Moroccan hash.

A Quick History Lesson

We learned at the outset that Moroccans began cultivating cannabis somewhere in the sixteenth century. What occurred next, though?

Morocco had become the epicenter of cannabis cultivation and trading by the seventeenth century. Moroccans grew cannabis for both personal and commercial purposes.

That cannabis utopia, however, did not endure long. Because of King Mohammed V’s prohibition on the growth and consumption of cannabis after the country attained independence in 1956, many marijuana and hash manufacturers stopped cultivating the plant.

Until the 1970s, Morocco’s cannabis sector remained mostly unnoticed. Despite this, the cannabis boom resurfaced, thanks to an influx of western visitors eager to taste Moroccan hash and cannabis.

To meet the growing demand, the local Moroccan populace began to offer more hash and adapt larger-scale production techniques, resulting in the final hash product that we have today.

Furthermore, some believe that travelers introduced the concept of dry sieving cannabis plants (rubbing dried marijuana against a fine mesh screen), resulting in a new product known as dry sift hash.

All in all, thanks to tourists and the dedication of the Rif region to produce high-quality hash, today, Morocco is the largest producer of high-quality hash and one of the largest hash suppliers around the world.

Moroccan Hash Review

Moroccan hash has the highest THC content of any hash. It distinguishes out from the crowd because to the CBD concentration in the blend, which provides a strong buzzing high as well as sedative effects.

Moroccan hash can have a solid or resinous appearance depending on the manner of preparation.

Its color ranges from clear to yellow to black, with the most frequent shade being light to dark brown.

It also has a fantastic flavor and aroma. This hash is distinguished by its pleasant yet somewhat spicy scent. On the inhale, your nose may detect pine and eucalyptus aromas.

Finally, tokers can use Moroccan hash for medical reasons. With its high THC levels and CBD content, Moroccan hash is perfect for treating chronic fatigue, inflammation and fatigue.

How to Smoke Moroccan Hash

How to Smoke Moroccan Hash

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can smoke hashish.

In a Joint

It’s simple and easy to smoke hash in a joint.

Crush the hash into small pieces if you want to smoke it in a joint. Because hash burns easily on its own, we’ll need to combine it with some flower to speed up the process. After that, light the joint and take a deep breath.

In a Bong or Pipe

Using a bong or pipe to smoke your hash is another option. You’ll need marijuana flower, hash, and a lighter to smoke hash in a pipe or bong.

Begin by coating the bottom of your pipe or metal screen with a thin layer of blossom. Then, on top of the cannabis flower or the screen, add hash.

Light and smoke your device as you normally would.

In a Vaporizer

You’ll need a vaporizer that can handle concentrates if you want to vape hashish. These vaporizers are made to be automatically fitted for hash, allowing it to burn evenly while remaining simple to use.

It is now the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality cannabis hash. Furthermore, its Moroccan hash is well-known around the world. Weed connoisseurs travel to North Africa solely to sample this sweet and strong concentrate and see what the cannabis Mecca has to offer.

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