What Is BHO? – Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Definition

Butane is used as the primary solvent during the extraction process of a cannabis extract. Butane Hash Oil is known by its initials BHO and comes in a variety of textures and consistencies. Depending on the starting material, apparatus used, and techniques used, butane hash oil extraction can produce badder, crumble, sauce, or shatter. Keeping up with Buy weed online Potent

What is BHO?

Butane hash oil (BHO) is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using solvents. A label that reads “BHO” only tells part of a concentrate’s story. Consumers can’t judge a concentrate by appearance or aroma alone.

When it comes to any concentrate, remember that the starting material will dictate the quality of the finished product. Starting material refers to the cannabis used to create the concentrate. A combination of the flower used and purity of the final product is what separates high-quality concentrates from a product that users avoid.

BHO’s consistency is primarily dependent on the techniques applied during the extraction and the post-extraction purge stages, but there are some cannabis strains that tend to produce a particular texture. Though methods vary, the goal is largely the same: Deliver the desired characteristics of the cannabis plant sans the tar- and ash-producing matter. This is accomplished through a steady series of separation and purification.

Butane is a highly flammable substance and hash oil production is extremely dangerous if done by inexperienced technicians with improper equipment and ill-equipped facilities.

The history of BHO

The decade of the 1970s ushers in a new era of hash production. Butane hash oil isn’t the first concentrate that come to mind. For thousands of years, civilizations all across the world have been removing the sticky trichomes from the cannabis plant. Hashish had swept throughout Arabia by 900 AD.

D. Gold’s “Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking,” published in 1971, was the first to lay down the technique for this form of extraction for the general public. Gold’s book included instructions on how to make handmade solvent-based extracts as well as how to mass-produce them. After a lab explosion left him severely wounded and hospitalized for several weeks, Gold was inspired to write “Cannabis Alchemy.”

BHO Extraction Consistencies Include:


Boasts a smooth, hard surface and, as the name indicates, shatters into rigid pieces when broken apart


Unlike shatter, this consistency breaks apart or “crumbles” easily


Sometimes referred to as “Budder” for its soft, buttery texture, badder has a taffy-like consistency.


Viscous and super-sticky BHO concentrate

Are BHO and Wax the Same Thing?

Wax is one of several concentrate consistencies that the BHO extraction method can render. The winterization process helps prolong the shelf life of shatter by ensuring that it will not auto-budder. Auto-buddering is when the color and consistency of shatter starts to turn darker and take on a crumbly or waxy consistency.

Safety and Regulation

The innovation of BHO continued to take root, and soon extractors began using the appropriate equipment to prevent butane fumes from interacting with the environment. Closed-loop extraction changed the game for butane hash oil. More cannabis companies outfitted their facilities with closed-loop machines, and today most legislators have made closed-loop production a requirement for licensed cannabis manufacturers.

Is BHO Safe?

These days, much of the cannabis industry is erring on the side of caution when it comes to residual butane in extracts. While butane is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the United States (U.S) Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most states have set their own residual solvent limits. Although states such as Washington have a limit of 500 parts per million, most extractors easily purge the solvents well below that limit. Municipalities set in place safety measures as well. In Colorado, BHO extraction can only be done inside of rooms that contain the proper ventilation and fire suppression controls to ensure the safety of their technicians.

Can I Eat BHO?

Though the possibilities of ingesting BHO with lethal levels of leftover butane are slim, the active cannabinoids must decarboxylate in order to generate the intended effects. Extractors have installed closed-loop technologies to ensure safety and efficiency when manufacturing butane hash oil since emerging from the caves of the open blast era. However, because butane is extremely flammable, extractors should take special precautions to avoid harming themselves during the operation

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