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11HydroxyMetabolite – Why Edibles Can Make You Feel Better

11 HydroxyMetabolite - Why Edibles Can Make You Feel Better

Have you ever been perplexed by the fact that smoking cannabis feels so dissimilar to ingesting it? You’ve most likely never heard of 11-hydroxy-metabolite, also known as 11-OH-THC. Because of this, 11-hydroxy-metabolite, also known as 11-hydroxy-THC and 11-OH-THC, is the fundamental difference between smoking or vaping cannabis and eating cannabis gummies. So, what exactly is […]

Moroccan Hash – How To Making Hashish in North Africa

Moroccan Hash

If you’ve heard of Morocco, you’re probably aware that country produces some of the world’s best hash – Moroccan hash. Since the sixteenth century, when Moroccans started growing cannabis for their own delight, this cannabis concentrate has been savored in Morocco, the hashish Mecca. Many years have passed since then, but one thing has stayed […]

OG – What Does It Mean? Top 5 Best OG Strains

What Does OG Mean?

Even when it comes to your flower, cannabis culture is broad and diverse, and language is a wild and complex giant! Furthermore, as the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana spreads throughout places such as Canada, a few select states in the United States, and other countries, the cannabis slang library is becoming increasingly complex. […]

What is Nerolidol? Tiny Terpene with Massive Benefits

What is Nerolidol?

If you’re a regular smoker, you’re probably aware of the importance of terpenes at the very least. Today, we’ll focus on one specific terpene, nerolidol, to take this understanding to the next level. While there are over 150 terpenes generated by the cannabis plant, nerolidol is the only one that concerns now. We’ll discover more […]

What are Cannabis Terpenes? How Do They Affect?

What are terpenes?

While most people associate marijuana with the cannabis industry, the plant is much more than that. Popular cannabinoids like CBD and THC receive a lot of attention when it comes to cannabis, but terpenes are another natural component of the Cannabis sativa plant with specific medical benefits. In the sections below, you’ll learn everything there […]

What’s the difference between badder, batter, and budder

What's the difference between badder, batter, and budder

Badder, often known as Batter, is a form of hemp concentrate with a pliable, frosting-like substance and look. Badder isn’t all made equal. Its appearance is determined by the input material and extraction procedures. Budder is a popular concentration texture that resembles a stick of butter in terms of softness and oiliness. Original hemp CBD […]